Scandinavian Bedrooms

The decor in Scandinavian style, with many followers, as characterized by the pristine white base, to which are added various touches of color to give vitality and dynamism without losing the freshness so characteristic. The furniture is usually very functional, with very sleek lines.

Translating this to our bedrooms can be very interesting, are rooms in which we relax and be comfortable and this style succeeds in spades.

We start from a room with clean white walls, not to mention the woodwork (doors, windows). We can add some color into details such as pillows or a simple box for the headboard of the bed. The plants are a decorative element that always has a place, and in this case add freshness to the room.

These are two examples in which splashes of color come mainly from the wallpaper that is placed on a wall. The remaining bedroom has been decorated in an immaculate white . The paper lanterns are an accessory used in this style.

Luminosity is an essential aspect to consider. Doing this in a room without natural light does not make sense, is the light which enhances the clarity of white.

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