Rubber decoration for home

Rubber is a natural substance, a polymer that comes from the sap of various trees in America such as the Euphorbiaceae, or Moraca. By taking a cut in the trunk of the tree appears a white substance, is latex.

A common latex contains about 30 to 40% solid rubber in the rubber industry is separated by adding acid, salt or by precipitation. The rubber was used by the indigenous of Mexico, the Zapotec, Totonac used to make rubber balls used in the famous “ball game”.

The famous Charles Goodyear tires he named in 1939 discovered the vulcanization of rubber in this way achieved a flexible material while resistant, synthetic rubber. Today rubber is fundamental in the industry. tires, rubber bands, gloves, wiring. The rubber is elastic repels water and does not conduct electricity.

Thanks to the manufacture of synthetic rubber in decoration there are a thousand and one possibilities. Just take action, buy the short rubber where you need it and use it. If it sticks to line with plastic glue.

  1. Table covering to decorate your table, not dirty and resist moisture well
  2. Rubber cushions for outdoor
  3. Curtains Rubber Bath
  4. Hules for lining drawers
  5. Hules background of shelves
  6. Rubber to line the pantry.
  7. Rubber curtains for under a sink
  8. Hules to hide an air conditioning while not in use or to cover washer .
  9. Table covering for exterior or interior. To protect your tables as you decorate. You have floral prints, rustic , modern, geometric designs. A simple plastic table on the terrace can be transformed into a cozy table by an oilcloth.

A cheap material you can sew the fabric, you can paste to decorate. The kitchen , bathroom, kids room, the dining room. Creative decorating with rubber.

Photos | oilcloth tablecloths

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