Roof windows decor concept

They are an ideal choice for two reasons: first, the gain in light environments and has decorative benefits of natural lighting. On the other hand, it can reduce energy consumption and environmental and economic benefits at that point.

In the picture we are seeing an option for the company Velux in roof openings. This is a window of solar-powered roof, which converts solar energy into electricity through a photovoltaic cell located (in a practically invisible) at the top of the window.

Roof windows decor

According to various studies, proper placement of these windows allow solar heat gain and specify adequate ventilation, generating a home energy savings in approximately 30% compared to the use of traditional systems.

A decorative level, earn more points in relation to interior light, spacious feeling of space thanks to the clarity and exterior-interior relationship stronger, as there is a direct view of the sky or surrounding landscape. Three items that allow completely change the aesthetics of an area, whether it is a loft as a room in an upper floor.

The dormers concept above have an energy saving function that includes variables that take into account local average temperature, the orientation of windows, location and other points, to activate a program that lowers or raises the blinds depending of the season and time of day.

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One thought on “Roof windows decor concept

  1. This is fantastic idea for warmer climates, but is best avoided here in good old Canada; as ice will build up around the windows, lifting the shingles. Which will kill the life span of your whole roof!

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