Retro decorating style

The retro decor design takes the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and adapts to our times.


By covering so much space of time, from 50’s to 70’s there are many furniture that we could choose to decorate with this style, would be the most futuristic of the 70’s curves and more cutting edge and if we go back to the 50 we find the very simple and functional furniture.


The same goes for colors, so much the amount of time that many colors could catalog for this style, but we have selected the most important:

If retro style is over 70’s years, will be more garish colors, like yellow, green and orange especially butane, we can also dark brown. And if the style is more than 50 years would be more soft colors, blue, yellow, red, white, but all in soft hues.

We also now have at our disposal to decorate with retro retro design roles, these roles will give you just the right touch you’re looking for, you have hundreds of retro designs, but aimed at our age.


Chairs and tables with tulip feet, arc lamps, chrome, footstools, wall hangings, rugs with psychedelic designs. Supplements materials should predominate ceramics and glass.

The style of retro and vintage decor is not the same. The retro style is to pick the style, decor, accessories of a bygone era and environment to our days, and the vintage style is an original style that tries to imitate the style retro.

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