remodel and decorate office room

Much of the day working in offices that do not make us feel comfortable. But things can change, and you yourself can give you a personal style to your desktop. Usually, companies shared spaces designed for a team that has related work. The aim is to facilitate development of projects and members work together.

By sharing space, you lose privacy and it is not so easy to distribute office furniture according to your personality. Thus, you should reduce your creativity to that small space in which it is located your desktop. But do not lose hope, even in this corner you can also make big changes.

Tips to consider:

  1. As far as decoration is concerned, you will find several items that will give a personal touch to your office. The idea is that you feel comfortable, because you will spend many hours sitting at your desk.
  2. A wide variety of decorative ornaments, have for example with your favorite dolls (pictured) to pictures of the people who always want to be around.
  3. To better organize your work, cork boards to hang your notes are used in small self-adhesive paper, and also to save space when you are ready to place the pictures of your family.
  4. If you have enough space, you can add to your desktop a small desk assistant to support books, papers or folders.
  5. Add flowers and plants, that will bring vitality to your office.
  6. Choose colors with decorative ornaments friendly, such as the range of blue or green, which tend to be more mentally stimulating.
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