Red: passion and intensity to our home

There are very intense color to decorate our rooms, one that invokes the love that fills and dominates many poems, who gives us the vital impulse and decorate our gardens with different flowers: that is red, the color of passion.

When combined with other colors have to be careful because being a warm, bright tone prominence lost if placed near other strong colors. However, there are those who dare to give variety to their environments.

red living room decor

To give a sense of relief, the intensity he has, we can unite with white, this will result in reducing tension and result in a fuller sense of contrast between the two. And if we can prove a youthful touch with blues, or even if we dare to something different and out of the convention can also be great with black.

At the same time, if the objective is filled with joy and fun of the smallest quarter of the house will be ideal to combine it with pink and white, giving a particular sweetness and tenderness, and creating together a wonderful and comfortable place for fun boys. Preferably will agree not to use in the workplace, which requires a special peace and look where they are concentrated.

However, it will be fantastic in traffic areas, such as in the hall or halls, which provide greater impression of speed and impact, highlighting the importance of home environments where people and predominantly passes motion.

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