Potential Decorative Textiles

Many specialists believe that the image decor of our home is completed to define the help of textile accessories. In other words, these elements add warmth, color and texture to the different environments, closing somewhat the aesthetic idea developed with furniture or coatings.

It is important to know the different options in fabrics to choose those that actually relate to the aesthetics of each room and allow us to obtain the desired effect. Thus the textile accessories provide different atmospheres in the home, depending on their characteristics.

Thus, we can define the rustic character, current or classic departure. For example, cotton, linen or silk give freshness to the space, while on the other hand a proposal based on velvet generate a warmer and somewhat more ornate visually.

The ideal principle is to choose the color and general style of the fabrics to locate. Then, start selecting those prevailing at the visual textiles in every environment. For example, in a room we have to start decorating with the textile accessories to use on the couch, the furniture that strongly dominate the space.

Having selected fabric that dominate the room, the subsequent choice of accessories will be much simpler side, because you’re chained to the textile base. Also, to achieve a degree of continuity and a sense of decorative whole, will be vital to find a concept that includes all the fabrics in the home. A clear example are the curtains that can follow a pattern as to type of fabrics and colors in all environments.

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