Ponderosa pine wood concept

This type of wood can be very useful in interior design. They are looking especially for moldings, doors, windows, frames or cases, cases in which material is required to ensure durability and movement at the same time. Noted for its ability to withstand impacts, blows and sudden movements.

It is the wood of the pine has a large resistance and it does not usually present the appearance of chips and other unsightly or undesirable characteristics that often appear in other types of wood. Also attached is optimal for its ease for these processes and the quality of finishes can be achieved.

pine wood concept

While other woods shrink and swell further and faster, because the moisture content will have varying according to weather and climate, the ponderosa pine is more stable and has a uniform cell structure.

This can improve the maintenance of accessories and items made ? with this type of wood. At the same time, when you get a smooth brush excellent, achieving significant quality ornamental details. Perfect for those cases that require tightly closed together.

For these conditions, it is perfect to be used in lightweight structures, wall cladding, decorative panels or room divider, floor and roof decking and other similar structures. So vital is taken into account as an interesting option to be incorporated into our home. Also very interesting outdoors, for example, terraces or other structures that style outdoors.

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