Pink and green decor

The color combinations acids are the order of the day. Starting with the orange or yellow, followed by lime green decor. The possibilities are many, and just need to know to apply just the right tone when hit.

If you are willing to paint the house in the colors of spring , then the combination of fuchsia and green is perfect for you. With these two results will made combination colors as attractive as the images.

In this case, white is the color joker. If you use only two colors so intense and conflicting in your walls, the light will shine by their absence. It’s much better to leave the white roofs, and choose this option for some furniture and upholstery.

Of course, also possible to use both colors only in details and accessories: cushions, curtains, frames, tablecloths. Hint: these two tones are going to wonder chromed steel accessories such as lamps, vases and frames, and also decorated with plants .

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