Perfect Bedroom

Perfect Bedroom

Pay attention to all four of my proposals to create your perfect bedroom :

  • When decorating the bedroom, opt for coordinated or raw white and beige to give harmony and balance. The furniture, preferably white, can put to match the paint or wallpaper. For bedding, choose the oil, which provides light while you beat the classic white. A simple couch or chair must put the warm note.
  • With reading area: If you have enough space, put him under the window is taking advantage of the sunlight. Opt for a few chairs straight lines in black or gray tones and a table, low rise, wrought iron and covered with hard plastic or glass in shades of red.
  • Mueble as under the window: To capitalize on the window wall, you can put a shelf or shallow cabinet, which will also serve as a nightstand. If you have a big house you can choose more baroque and ornate furniture, otherwise, choose the minimalist style.
  • It is important to note the headboard wall, as is the visual impact of the bedroom. Paint it with other shades, go for surrealist paintings, etc. Simply decorate your bedroom to be cozy and you feel good in it.
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