Parquet floors: tips to keep them in perfect condition

Hardwood floors give a unique charm for beauty, comfort and warmth. Among them we find, first, the most modern platforms, and at the same time, the classic and timeless floor tiles with a strong impact within the home decoration, mosaics of different types of wood, and back in time, we find the old wooden floors solid boards based long rustic.

When the purpose is to place these soils in the house to keep in mind that are a little delicate, it is for this reason to keep them in perfect condition and keep them beautiful for years as the first day must perform a constant. It is the only solution that can lead to deterioration over time and inclement weather.

On the other hand, we must bear in mind that wood is a porous material that absorbs water, and therefore the tables may have mold on the surface due to the moisture, fading, and even deformed. In addition, coatings usually tend to deteriorate significantly. Therefore, scrubbing is not recommended.

While today we have products based on natural waxes, which are most suitable for the maintenance and cleanliness of the soil type, do not forget the classic apple cider vinegar for cleaning wood surfaces.

As time passes the park is losing its color and gloss varnish is essential and stabbed again. The platforms allow only be stabbed two or three times due to the limited thickness which has the covering layer of wood shingles. Moreover, the hardwood floors they can stab more times without problems.

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