Paper Crafts Decor

If you’re a bit crafty and you like paper crafts you can create or renew many objects to decorate the house. This colorful lamp is very easy to do, you just need newspaper or magazine, contact paper, scissors, thread, needles and double-sided tape. Need to cut small pieces of paper and laminated with contact paper. Make small holes on opposite sides of each piece with a needle to pass a string or tanza in chains, to surround the base of the lamp. Paste strings with double sided tape to the ceiling light.

If you are a person who likes to recycle everything and you feel sorry for throwing the papers that wrap the gifts, you can take advantage of an easy way to make placemats.

You must cut two rectangles 60 x 40 cm. The’ll stick with glue stick at the back, obviously with the design outward. Then we cut two rectangles of contact paper 62 x 42 cm. Carefully remove the paper and put the safety of wrapping paper rectangle in the middle, focused. To be rather neatly trimmed an inch all around rounded ends. And ready.

You can renew the lamps in the house with a very simple technique called decoupage, you can also apply any object that comes to mind. Is to coat the base with colorful pieces of paper, which can be resemble mosaics or any other design you like. We are going to be sticking with vinyl glue at the base of the lamp until completely covered. Then brush all with a thin layer of glue, once dried, form a transparent plastic film.

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