Original racks and decorative light

If you have a wall in your living room or bedroom and you’re not sure yet what to do with it, perhaps these hangers help you decide.

It is about racks that have very original light inside and not only provide space for hanging clothing or bags – the main purpose and so far only a peg – but also help in the lighting and ambience of the space .

These racks provide a light source very creative and different things that hang over them we will achieve different effects of light on the wall and the rest of the environment.

Imagine also that any colored garment hanging on the rack you can achieve a slight discoloration of light it emits, making a very original also in the ambient lighting.

‘Another practical use we can give light to these racks? If you have the hall entrance to your home without the proper lighting, these racks can create a path of light that illuminate the hallway and also allow you and your guests hang their belongings when you get home.

How about these decorate the racks of light? Original, right?

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