Organize portfolios in the cabinet

All women love purses and handbags as much or more than shoes. We have many, and always found some of which we fell in love and ended up buying. But to get to our house and we do not know where to save or how to organize all we have. This is a simple idea, with a minimum invesión money, which will help us all to reorganize all our handbags maximizing space in the interior decor idea.

With the aid of hooks or rings to school folders and curtain hooks, we can store all of our portfolios in an orderly and always in sight, and when to use one of them, we can observe them all together and not have to take all.

The good thing is that we can buy some nice curtain hooks, to give a detail to our dressing room or closet and combine them with hooks folder.

In each of the rings we can put two or more bags, and we can sort them by length, size, color, etc.

The possibility are endless and we can use spaces not occupied we have for our wallets and purses. There is a wonderful idea??

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