Old walls as a way of decorating

For those who have always wanted to go against the fashions and trends, then sorry to tell you that one of the trends being applied today is the fashionable anti decorating the home. It is based on walls as a way old decor.

If, as heard, and as appreciated in the cover photo, the objective of this decoration is to make the wall of a sense of antiquity and severe neglect.

What is the way to get it?, Well, there are techniques such as “crackle” used to “age” Decorative Surfaces, leaving them as if they were all cracked and gray, but I do not think this is the best way. The best way to get this style decor, is finding itself in an old or abandoned department and from there to start with the decor.

The rest of the furniture can be alternated between very modern and elegant way to play with contrasts, or to incorporate second-hand furniture and decorative items old and broken, reluctantly promote that aspect of the place.

The other interesting thing we think of this trend comes to making her a room in the home, such as a small workshop of painting, or wood, or hobby you have. Ultimately, if you really feel drawn or attracted by the beauty of ugly, because you can extend the range decorative room or your own bedroom.

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