Notes in the decoration

There are some key points when decorating the home that are often ignored, consequently resulting in the errors of this type of work. Thus the time to move or change the air in a room we must consider these items to avoid basic mistakes in decorating.

Obviously, choosing the right colors is one of the most important. It is advisable never to abuse the dark colors on the walls if we have heavy soils and in such shades. If she commits such error, the walls absorb all the natural light of the room, causing great difficulty in getting proper lighting.

decoration tips

Another vital point is related to the curtains. Never use varying heights curtains for the windows of the same environment, as we will be causing a feeling of clutter and not get a clear and harmonious decor. The ideal height for hanging curtains is 2.10 meters shall coincide with the height of the doors. Thus, it will maintaining consistency between the different openings.

Of course, not be forgotten styles when addressing the decoration of a room or a new home. For example, bright colors are not recommended in rustic rooms, because in this style are privileged materials opaque textures and colors, along with a too dark wood furniture.

Although the styles may be combined, we must be careful not to create blends aesthetic too strident, while taking into account issues such as climate and the characteristics of each region, with the aim of harmonizing each of the points that influence decorating a home.

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