Nightstands Decor Style

  1. Practice: This is the standard for excellence of the designers, who favor very functional models. As part of the bed frame to match it or as a side table. The new models take sheets and attractive shapes with natural woods, and also, very modern materials such as aluminum or PVC.
  2. Dimensions: It is best to place a tall narrow table in tight spaces. If you also have drawers increases its advantages. The classic cut and have cut their shapes look great in any environment and any decor concept.
  3. Circular: Table chapade oak and glass, with two drawers and a door. For more creative bedrooms.
  4. Style: In line with futon-style beds (very low), very low tables have been designed and “minimal”. Pure zen.
  5. 20 Years: With marked romance, this piece of “museum” will be very original in your bedroom. Become a model consisting of several boxes, and maximize your space.
  6. Ages 40: With waves. In weathered wood blank. The bottom drawer is topped with waves. Touch suggestive.
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