New materials: Corian

Each time you create innovative materials that make our lives easier as well give rise to design new forms and combinations. This is the case of Corian, a plastic material that can adapt to all forms, whether straight or curved surfaces creating compact, smooth and seamless. Almost any way you can imagine can be done with this new material, this leads to infinite possibilities.

One of the most frequent uses of Corian is in kitchens. With no apparent joints, you can make all the countertop with the sink including the breast in one piece. This results in hygiene (no joints) and a flawless finish. It is also resistant to wear and heat.

Combining it with other materials is simple, and thus can create interesting effects. It is well with glass, natural stone and metal.

Wooden bathtub, glass, metal and Corian.

As for the surface coating, serves both floors, to walls and ceilings. You can give any shape, and, coupled with the variety of colors, the range of possibilities is infinite.

Paneled room with Corian.

Decorative panel backlight.

The backlighting is another quality applicable to Corian, serving for lamps, panels and other surfaces you want to illuminate from within. With a little imagination can emerge very interesting ideas than with any other material had not been.

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