Moroccan decorating style

Moroccan decor is fashionable, is a style that embraces many cultures and is a style that seeks comfort as it is a culture that tends to be pleasant for spending long periods sitting in peace, harmony and tranquility. Decorate with Moroccan style, we must pay close attention to light, is a great player, the more natural light better.


For the walls, the best colors are light colors like white, but also supports bold colors like gold, orange, blue, earth tones, but for the accessories and furniture, we can use colors like gold, bright yellow red, green , orange. And instead of painting the walls smooth, it is best to use a painting technique as an effect of such lands and add a border of wood or paper.


In this most important decorating accessories are the cushions, carpets and tapestries all very colorful. Plants and natural elements are a good choice to decorate this style.


The furniture is usually made of natural wood and solid enough, and aged wood, avoid using modern design furniture. You can also use iron tables with ceramic top, stools, poufs and cushions to sit high. An addition to furniture fabrics and textiles are colored orange, red, silver, and gold, as covers for sofas, cushions and rugs. We may also use ceramic coated piece of furniture. Another sign of identity of this style of decoration are the arches, both in furniture and walls. You can draw arcs on the walls instead of doors or arches can do step.

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