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Very often the ceilings are painted white and have a uniform height, as they think they are too far from the view to influence the look of a room. In fact, the roofs have a greater impact on the perception of an environment like walls and floors, and possibly even more. It is well known that color affects the perception of height settings: darker shades make the ceiling feel lower, which helps us when we want to create privacy while lighter shades expand the space by reflecting light.

Architects often prefer to allow the roof to follow the shape of the roof structure, as a way to create variety within. A roof with exposed beams of wood, it creates patterns of light and shadow which visually break the sense of space that provide the large volumes, which makes a room feel more attractive and inviting. If this is the inside of Fern Santini of Abode.

This small hall of New York interior designer Eric Cohler is extremely creative with the colors of the room (which are great), has created a crossword puzzle in the ceiling. It would be nice to know if it is customized for the client, and what he says.

Of course, you should not feel limited to only paint the ceiling. Using Moroccan tiles by designer Robin Bell in this space, give the place an exotic and exuberant.

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