More ideas to decorate the staircase of the house

The stairs and corridors are transit areas, and unlike the hallway, stairs gets little interest in decorating although inside our home and form a part as important as any other department of our house.

A staircase decorated, with a touch of class to any home. In other entries we showed some examples of how to decorate the house steps . In this post we will see more examples of how to decorate the walls, stairs or the railing.

Set in this staircase, the walls are all white but the touch of originality is provided by the red staircase, and above all the phrases you have in each step and the end of it a door with a red vinyl and the result is superb.

If you do not want to paint the steps or you can decorate the walls if glass railing. You can put yourself decorated glass or vinyl and stand one change will be complete. As in the other ladder.

If you prefer to paint the walls, you have hundreds of possible combinations. For example a plinth painted a bright color and the other in white, as in this ladder. In addition also added a circular stickers are the most original and decorative. This is a way to decorate the staircase without spending much money. The stickers can you and the painting of the wall does not cost much.

Or you can put a decorative vinyl, are easy to apply and have thousands of designs to choose which best suits your decor or would you like.

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