Modern design desktop mini pots

Several months ago, we spent a few lines about ideas, somewhat innovative, about how to use the plants decorating the home, or to use as a container for household plants. Well, this time we were blown away, but there are always new designs to be surprised, and by Matteo Cibic is one of them. Here, modern designs desktop mini pots.

If I listen well and looked good, the picture l mid-body of a person, together with a lamp and within it, a small plant that lives in a sort of greenhouse. If you have a special system to provide water or to change the plant site if it fits the pot girl, honestly do not know, but at first glance we dare say that anyone who wants to draw attention to sophisticated artifacts in your office or at home, because this is the best idea.

Perhaps the simplest is to use small tunas, which are of lower growth than other plants, which can help lasting longer motif.

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