Minimalist decorating style

The rooms decorated with minimalist decor, emanate peace and tranquility, its furnishings are straight lines without any objects on top of them, is stripped of decoration style yet elegant, is totally opposed to the rustic decor.


The furnishings are simple straight lines without overloading the environment, letting natural light, without being too big. They can be wood, steel or aluminum.


The predominant color is white, but we can also add some toasted, or some off-white, black and even add in some previously studied in detail. Do not use prints of flowers, not too sophisticated textiles not only use soft colors, smooth and simple.


There are few accessories that are needed in the minimalist decor, because in this style, do not want to fill the spaces, but the opposite conserve space.

This looks like the simplicity, serenity and sobriety.

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