Maybe you can design a tropical garden

An alternative perhaps more original to decorate the outdoor spaces of the home is the addition of species to enable us to design a tropical garden. What guidelines should continue to do so?

Here we summarize some of the most important. If the weather in your area is with you, it will be easier than you think to add those varieties that will transform your garden into a tropical party.

Some species that can grow are Hibiscus, Miscanthus, the New Zealand flax or Kalanchoe. These species have the particularity to withstand high levels of heat and humidity, so are suitable for such a proposal.

In the area to cultivate, you must have the following characteristics:

  • Fertile soil with good moisture level.
  • It is imperative not to raise too much the level of nitrogen fertilizer, since otherwise generate a large foliage growth but lead to a decrease in flowering.
  • During the summer it is best to place these species in the outside so they can get heat, but in the colder months is preferable to protect them from frost and place them in heated sites.
  • If your area is dominated by low temperatures, prolonged and intense cold, it is necessary that you have a greenhouse in tropical species there are developed according to the required parameters of temperature and humidity.
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