Marble and stone: classic decor concept

These two materials have been used consistently throughout history in different decorative proposals concept, for example in mansions and palaces. Currently not dismissed as an option, but have adapted to contemporary techniques and technologies to serve as decorative accessories in our homes.

It is known that the latest trends in interior design objects and practices combine cutting-edge materials and classical forms. Thus, the marble and stone can add a touch of naturalness and tradition of undoubted importance, the presence of counteracting modern designs and materials and creating environments rich and seductive.

Marble and stone decor

Items with stone and marble can be applied with different functions, such as coatings, prints, mosaics, fireplaces … the list is endless. In all cases, the distinction that provide these materials will be difficult to emulate with synthetic or artificial proposals.

Some possibilities of undeniable visual impact, are:

  • The development of stairs with carved marble friezes.
  • Decorative Fireplaces made ??up entirely of stone or marble.
  • Objects, accessories and decorative pieces of stone or marble to place in rooms or reception tables.

Likewise, the ornamental techniques for working these materials have evolved with design trends. Thus techniques that are currently aging, pigmentation or protection, using natural products that prevent wear from the print and other traditional techniques.

But the possibilities do not end there. Alternatives are also used as inlays of gold or other metals, precious stones of every kind or gravure. In all cases, can be obtained sensational and inspiring finishes that give a unique touch to the pieces in question.

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