Maintenance of artificial turf

The installation of artificial turf at the residence is more comfortable and less expensive to maintain than natural grass, but also requires some care, both to maintain the aesthetics, to ensure good hygiene and increase durability, as if well care can be maintained in a perfect condition 15 years, this is one of the great advantages of artificial turf.

artificial turf

Routine maintenance to be done is simply artificial turf brushing, whose frequency depends on how you use the lawn, but at least will be once a week. Is achieved by brushing maintain the fibers in a vertical position, will therefore be necessary to brush all directions, as might otherwise be inclined.

artificial turf element

Paradoxically it is highly recommended watering occasionally the artificial turf , especially in the warmer months of the year, as its fibers can absorb much heat and increase its temperature. With irrigation is therefore able to cool and lubricate the surface and stabilize the ground to prevent spreading.

maintenace of artificial turf

Besides daily must consider small tasks that will help keep your lawn in perfect condition, as immediately remove any contaminant or waste, and try not to eat or smoke on the artificial turf .

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