Lighting the garden

The lighting is a very important part of the landscaping . Although the day, of course, there is no need to establish systems of lighting , if we use our outdoor space during the evening and even at night (when temperatures allow), then it is worth establishing a good lighting system with lamps effective while attractive.

Have you seen such a spectacular lighting? Even almost none we’re lucky to have a space like this, yes there are good solutions that can turn your garden into real haven in times of less light. For example, decorating the tables with candles is always a safe bet, at stores like Ikea find beautiful lanterns, sailboats and chandeliers, perfect for outdoor and very cheap.

The beacons and sun lamps , as well as being durable and effective, are thrifty and green. Here are two examples: one of the “whole life”, with the typical signal design for roads or illuminate corners and flowerbeds, and other precious shaped blue flowers.

Having floodlights illuminate with power and efficiency is very necessary, especially in areas of pool or at the entrances. If they have a presence sensor, the better. The bulbs have to be discreet, well focused and be prepared to endure the elements and stay abroad.

And finally, an idea that will brighten up any dinner party or wish to hold in the garden. If you have some lamps that are not too nice, you can put them in paper bags perforated like those in the photo. Eye! Never heap up candles or bulbs that are heated to prevent fires. You can also use special outdoor wreaths.

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