Leverage decorate the space under the stairs

For many, the space under the stairs is really lazy and useless, and thus not utilized decoratively concept. Grave mistake in these days of small rooms, where every inch must be optimized if you are looking for a functional space, while aesthetically interesting.

To this end, the spaces should be used wisely, both on the surfaces of greater access and in the lower circulation, as well as the complex angles or dimly lit areas. In this classification enters the place that is created under the stairs.

What can be done in those places?. An interesting option is the mini lockers for storing items of use specific and concrete. For example, there can be incorporated umbrellas, rain boots, guides and phone books, hats, etc. It may also be useful to have a rack, which can be placed garments arriving in the street, such as bags and jackets.

A “cultural reservoir” is another good alternative. Books, CDs, stereos, DVD’s with recordings of films and other cultural and leisure opportunities art can be placed, being easy to hand and can be quickly found in the space under the stairs.

Another possibility is to place a trunk. This is a regular part inserted in a house in the clogging and serves no particular function. Well, under the stairs will not be taking up extra space and can serve as a seat on special occasions and to save all kinds of items.

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