Landscaping decor ideas

The team of Elysian Landscapes has many fans, because not only are very knowledgeable about plants, but also have a special eye for contemporary design of gardens. in below we give several publications with tips for creating a decor garden idea professionally.

These tips are a major chord choosing plants to our local climate, site conditions, and make sure that when they reach their adult have the right size space where they have been planted.

The grass is beautiful, but it absorbs too much water, which will be noticed in the growth of our plants. Dispose of lawn and instead place gravel or granite is highly recommended. It should also be the addition of edible plants, we can use from time to time, such as thyme, rosemary and / or lemon scented plants such as lavender, honeysuckle, sage and citrus.

To cause a good impact, the pots with a monochromatic color scheme are special. In here have endless options and recommendations. Here you also have a wide range of garden furniture attractive and comfortable that you can use all the time while adding elegance to your garden or terrace.

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