Keys to a minimalist home

The minimalist designs are beautiful. It’s great to see how anyone can make a room look so well with so few elements of decoration. Because, as you can imagine, the key is to choose the things that combine well together. The idea is to fill a room of furniture, things that only serve to cause visual pollution.

But what are the characteristics of a minimalist home? If you’re pointing to that side with your home, you might want to read these points.

The keys to a home minimalist :

  1. Minimum furniture. The idea is that a household has only minimal necessary. It says no more than the furniture, not the things that will not be used.
  2. Clean surfaces. Most of the furniture such as tables, with few extra decorative items. You will see tables with a single piece of decoration. This highlights the surfaces and makes them look clean and spacious.
  3. Quality over quantity. “More” does not mean “better.” A minimalist home can be spectacular with some furniture. The idea is to choose the right furniture. Everything has to have a reason to be. Everything has to be there for something. Question number one before buying a cabinet: I’m going to use? If the answer is no, do not buy it (obviously purely decorative items are excluded from this reasoning).
  4. Clean walls. The walls do not have to be full of things like pictures, photos and other decoration. The decor is minimal, making the few decorative elements by highlighting present.
  5. These are the keys that I consider essential to create a minimalist home. In future editions we will see how to get to create minimalist settings in a few steps (luckily, it was more to remove than to add).
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