Keeping floating floors

Almost all new apartments are being offered in the market , with floating floors, some thicker and more slender.

The length of the floating floor, depending on its quality, installation and care, can vary between 10 and 15, although as I have seen, a nice apartment with a bad installation is the same as having one of the worst stories, so the hand workforce is essential to achieve proper end.

To care for floating floors daily routine, manufacturers advise avoiding these rub against the edges of doors, furniture legs should be covered with a plush not rub against the floor and damaged.

The pots should not come into direct contact with the floor, because the stain and moisture inflated, causing accelerated wear.

For everyday cleaning, floating floors do not require more than a dry cleaning using a broom or vacuum cleaner and a damp cloth pass every 15 days. The carpet should go frequently changing places to avoid waste pegoteo on its surface due to heat and friction.

In the main entrances, it should be cleaned pads shoes from dust and pebbles. If you want to see the shiny floor, it is best to varnish, and never apply wax, and they defile it.

If the floor you have is fotolaminado should not be vitrified, because it loses resistance floor. Best to take care fotolaminados floating floors, is to follow carefully the recommendations of the manufacturer or distributor, as set forth herein.

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