Japanese Decoration Idea

The Japanese style Decoracon, as we’ve ever seen, so westernized, not really the true picture of a typical Japanese home. In Japan the major determinant of most houses is the space, so that from the same place all the home decor.

Typical of this culture is the site of entry to the house, a sort of hall in which who gets to leave their shoes and barefoot spend the rest of his stay in the house. This originated many years ago when Japanese homes were covered in tatami floor, but today many do not have it already, so it is still done by tradition and separate the outer life, peace of home.

A Japanese living room is mostly multi-functional, but not in the same way as in the West. But is used for much more relevant features, such as for sleeping at night, as many times behind a cupboard is a bed.

One thing to consider are the bathrooms . They choose to separate the toilet and sink for a room, and laundry and shower in another. In other to enter the same one must put on special slippers for the bathroom.

The colors in the style most commonly used are white and neutral colors, while black is used to define the first and highlight them.

But even if you are thinking of disorder, the opposite is true, the Japanese style just for the harmony of things, the balance of space, based on the Ying and Yang of Buddhism.

Many textures are applied in Japanese culture for the construction and decoration, including cedar wood for the walls, bamboo floors surrounding a single piece of stone directly brought from the quarry, wicker furniture and cushions of silk.

The arrangement of the furniture has to be in such a way that allows good circulation, good reception of who comes, as well as good dialogue between the individual and a couch that is in another. In the middle of the room for example can be a focal point in which all focus, such as a mini dry garden of stones.

What if we re-emphasize is that for a good Japanese style, you must disaffected belongings as much as the less of a room, best atmosphere of order will therefore also Limit your time add excessive decorations.

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