Japanese Decor

Oriental Japan decor for our home offers peace, tranquility, harmony, well being, comfort and simplicity, all combined with amazing functionality.

We have to get this type of decoration in order, to decorate the spaces must be clear, orderly and well distributed.


The colors available are white or broken white, lilac, some toast, but the color it has to bring harmony, so it is advisable for white is the color of purity and harmony.

We can also decorate the walls with some type of vinyl simple but full of meaning such as this, is the symbol of Feng Shui.


One of the best accessories out there for this type of decoration are the incense-scented candles and soft.

Furniture: The furniture is made ??of straight lines, without being large, occupy only where it is needed without overloading the environment, leaving clear spaces.

We must have peace, harmony and well being of service functionality.

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