Italian Style decor

Without doubt, Italy is a registered trademark in design and decor. On different facets of the same, including the interior, has made school and has created a unique style that stands out for its elegance, functionality, taste and sublime artistic touch. The picture shows an example of the company Bolognino.

Since Roman times, Italy is leader in the design of all kinds of objects. Therefore, we can not test these trends in our home. You can start with a little “experiment” in this style decorate one room in the house, and certainly anyone who will look indifferent.

Italian style can have different variants concept, on the one hand there are regions such as Tuscany and Venice, for example, where the tradition is strong and continues to give more importance to the traditional design of yesteryear. In other regions, perhaps more cosmopolitan, we can find latest proposals. Naturally, everything will be tied to the tastes of each.

There were also designs many proposals neoclassical Italian-style, but here we are talking about a more specific aspect, which probably will target a very specific group of users. However, the Italian style is designed to improve the design and functionality of existing spaces.

Thus, the twenty-first century Italian design privileges the aesthetic pleasure and efficiency, but including elements, objects and accessories that give a special touch to the surroundings, such as tables , desks painted, crystal goblets and terracotta floors among others.

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