Interior Decoration for male

Today there are many men who live alone and like to have your house or apartment in luxury with all amenities, but in a sober, with the male tendency decoration.

The colors most commonly used are all shades of gray, black, brown, green and some deep red to switch. Another option is the color mustard yellow and purple. Within these colors should be chosen that best carry the personality of the homeowner.

Nor can we say that if you like other colors, they will be less masculine. Walls painted with a gray smoke, with details of bronze or other metal, give more personality to the environment. The authentic interior decoration male can say that the line is minimal , with little furniture, accessories and almost anything to avoid reloading the environment.

If you like some detail, can be decorated with trophies won in various events, and a good paint on a wall and other walls may remain bare. The furniture will be straight lines and simple, sofas and chairs should be made ??of leather and some black leather, to give elegance and majesty of the environment.

Natural light is very important, coming through large windows without curtains almost always, much used by Japanese panels. The lighting is very important artificial, with dim lights and others that illuminate the whole room to be used according to the occasion.

The bathroom can be decorated with marble or granite, In the kitchen must have a lot of technology and decor with wood and aluminum. For the floor using the natural ceramic.

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