Interior decor: Corridors decoration

The corridor is one of the most complicated of any home decorating idea, because of its narrowness and its consideration as a passageway. Although more modern houses include the style is less corridor due to the loss of square footage involved in this space, there is no doubt that the halls of the oldest houses have an amazing charm, especially when they are well decorated.

This is a great idea: paint the walls a shade not too dark (though not so clear that it is bland), and contrast by painting windows, baseboards, trim and white frames. The effect is elegant and at the same time dynamic.

The vertical stripes are always a great idea because they lighten the sense of space and height. In this case, we have combined a striped wallpaper with a maroon and white washed wooden floors, also with white coating and lacquered doors and moldings.

The use of this area of the house as “art gallery” is always a good idea. A collection of pictures or photographs of the same size and identical frames, create a feeling as attractive as in this picture.

How about a fun self-adhesive vinyl at the end of space?  The current choices are many and varied, and they can decorate a wall in a seen and unseen, and remove the picture when you get tired of it.

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