Installing a Draft Line for Your Home Brew!

Installing a Beer Line from Your Keg Fridge

If you’re a beer maker, you know yourself that the quality of your beer is going to be much better if you’re using a beer tap rather than bottling your home made beer. While you can get a good quality beer bottled, the taste is going to be brighter and crisper if you’re using a tap as opposed to bottling the beer over the same span of time.

When you want to have good beer at home, you want to have the shortest line possible and the easiest installation.. Running the beer lines is a big concern when you’re installing your own home bar and you want draft beer. The beer, for the most part, isn’t going to be installed directly under the bar. so you are going to have to run the lines that you want for your keg. If your Keg Fridge is about 8 to ten feet, you can run the lines without too much cold lost from the beer.  The longer the beer line, the more cold you’re going to lose, which we’ll address.

Homemade Keg Fridge

Your first task will be to modify the Keg Fridge or other brand name so that your been lines will attach to it. You’ll need a mounting plate with a double male beer fitting. To modify it, you’re going to need a drill and a metal bit, a jigsaw, a screwdriver and/or a bolt driver. Using a mounting plate want to be sure that no matter what else, you’re not going to have the lines squeezed.

If you’re running the beer line just for a few feet, it isn’t going to lose the cold but you’re going to have to be concerned about that if its going any further. For now, just running the line through insulation should work out well. Running the lines through bubble wrap or mylar or a combination of the two will give you sufficient insulation for a short time span.

If you are running your lines up or down from a basement or through a wall, consult your blueprint or ensure that you’re not going to be drilling into plumbing lines, heating or power areas.

Run the lines to the tap area and connect the lines to the tap using the hose clamps and the screw driver to attach them to the final destination, which is the tap spigot beneath your beer glass.

Bear in mind that you may want to install the tap over a sink area or a the very least a grate with a drip pan below so that you’re not in constant cleanup mode. The installation method for the drip pan or the sink will be unique from running the lines and should be accompanied by the directions from the manufacturer of your equipment.

If you’re headed over a longer distance, say more than twelve feet, you will lose the cold even if you’re using insulated lines. There is an answer for this too so that your beer keeps that cold clean taste.

Creating a Liquid Cooled Beer Line for Your Draft Beer

Home brewing is one of the most interesting and fun hobbies that you can undertake.  The whole world loves a quality draft beer and you’re quite likely no exception to that rule. If you’re interested in starting your own kegging practice and to get into the home brewing hobby, one of the first things that you’re going to need to accomplish is running a line for your home brewing system. Running a line isn’t all that difficult if you know anything at all about plumbing, but if not you may need to get some professional help with the lines.


The methodology discussed here is for a cooled beer line since keeping your beer cold is one of the most difficult things. Many people have problems with the lines. That is, for the most part, from having the beer hit the warm air when it runs through the line. If you’ve got excess foaming in your tap, you may well need to find a better way to cool the beer in the lines.

The best way that you’re going to find to cool your beer is with a liquid cooled line that will run along the line which is holding the beer. This prevents the foaming and the warming when the beer runs over a long distance.

All that you need for this cooling line is three simple things that are nominal in cost.  Copper tubing, 3/8 inch vinyl tubing and  some zip ties, as well as a way to bend your copper tubing.  The cost of creating this is going to be nominal and it’s an idea that we found online which works like a top. There is an article about Making a Liquid Cooled Beer Line where you’ll find step by step instructions to create your own cooled line that you will bundle in with your other beer line and get your beer cooled all the way down the line to however far your destination may be.

These are some tips that we’ve found online to assist you in installing and cooling your beer line. Bear in mind that your own brand of draft hardware will quite likely come with its own installation instructions so pay attention to those as well and use safety equipment when you use any power tool to ensure that you accomplish your installation safely.

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