Indoor plants that purify our space in home decor

It is shown that the air quality outdoors and on the field, is better and cleaner than inside our homes, as most of us live in large industrialized cities. Our homes have become toxic shelters. In the search for new ways to maintain clean air and healthy in our home, we have investigated the placement of plants, giving us a boost of fresh air daily. This also adds a touch of decoration in the house beautiful, as discussed below.

Areca palm: moistens the air in an excellent manner, removes carbon dioxide and toxins. A recent study gives this plant inside an air purification score of 8.5.

Snake plant: a plant is ideal for bedrooms. Although most plants remove oxygen at night, this type of plant makes and maintains an otherwise healthy oxygen while sleeping placidly.

Money Plant: removes formaldehyde and other volatile chemicals. Looks good in any room and needless to say how pretty she is.

Plants Aesthetics: if you’re not using plants to purify the air, but only as an aesthetic element, there are several options, including the designs shown in the photos above, some more classical and more modern. Something for everyone.

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