Indoor plants decor idea

This house below is a result of the dream of its owner, the decoration and architect made an interpretation of that dream, which was to live in a forest, while in the midst of the city of Singapore. The house was conceived as a landscape installation of three-dimensional space in which the insert will go next. The chapter identifies a series of rooms interchangeable floating in a larger volume of space. This volume is installed on a parcel with terrace, 2 floors, with a retaining wall at the rear, which turned into a waterfall that opens to the sky. Then a pond that collects rainwater covers the living area.

A rich variety of garden plants was prepared, in a grove of trees at the entrance to the kitchen, 2 internal enclosures plants including ferns and moss stone entrances to the rooms. The design has its own life, where the plants grow and mature, where the smell of damp earth filled the air, where the leaves fall and wither.

The configuration of spaces and the abundant use of plants and water features create a cool microclimate inside the house, reducing the need for air conditioning and artificial lighting. This house offers a friendly atmosphere, where residents can enjoy the quality of its spaces and be in tune with nature.

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