Illuminated with paper in home interior decor

Tighten their belts in these times is a common practice and increasingly common. Garnish with little money has been made possible and more than ever people are looking for original ideas that do not pose a great economic effort. Here we present a low-cost item that is succeeding: paper lanterns.

Are original and extremely economical, even some of them are easy to clean, which have become an excellent resource for modern homes.

If we choose the colors that should be our lamp will bring a lot of light to the room. The ones used for this are the light colors, white, beige, etc. as the other colors give the room a more subdued feeling.

Some of these lamps are characterized by closed surfaces (round shapes to the ceiling or rectangular to the table) not precisely will enhance light distribution in space. However, open models solve this problem in part as that will allow light rays to scatter around the room.

Best of all is that you yourself can create fun paper lanterns if you dare to craft. THIS is decorated ideas on the cheap!!

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