Ikebana | Japanese floral art for decor

Ikebana is floral art of Japan Ikebana floral arrangements are in vogue, based on the philosophy of Japan, love and respect for nature .

The practice of expressing spirituality ikebama, thoroughly enjoying the moment. Learning to appreciate the beauty in all its forms. In Home Decor Concept Ikebana floral art of Japan.

Ikebana goes beyond making a beautiful flower arrangement to decorate the table. It is a form of art is to honor the beauty of nature. Ikebana raises the nature and humanity as a whole,  is closer to nature.

The Oriental Japanese culture ikeabana

  1. Ikebana is the creative expression that moves in rules, there are different schools of Ikebana flower arranging. They use twigs, grass, leaves, flowers and fruit and trunk. Wanted combines elegant, artistic and personalized.
  2. Japanese culture has a strong link with the natural environment, even in an urban environment where the asphalt and the large buildings dominate the landscape, the Japanese always try to have about them something of nature.
  3. The culture of Japan is being increasingly appreciated, Minimalism is based on the Japanese style, hence as the ikebana art forms are increasingly popular in the West.
  4. Rare is the Japanese house that does not exhibit an ikebana flower arrangement. The flower arrangements are artistic category as a painting or a sculpture.
  5. Ikebana is about creating a link between the inside and outside, why ikebana arrangers often use different types of plants in flower arrangements. It gives prominence to non-flowering branches as well as logs, leaves and seeds. If using a single type of flower is combined with leaves, branches or some other element of nature.
  6. Ikebana arrangements are asymmetrically spaces are left empty, it creates harmony between material compositions, the container and where you place the flower arrangement.
  7. The practice of Ikebana is done by both men and women. In the past Ikebama was a pastime for even the warriors samurai. There are now masters of the art floral men like women.

Ikebana Spirituality

  1. The practice of Ikebana means not only a craft, an activity involves meditation. It is done in silence, to see every move is made to create the arrangement.
  2. In making the Ikebana promotes the observation, patience and introspection. It seeks to be more tolerant and accepting of differences not only in nature but also with people.

Ikebana Floral Art School

  1. Chiko
  2. Ichiyo
  3. Ikenobo
  4. Kozan-Ryu
  5. Ohara
  6. Rusei-Ha
  7. Saga-Goryu
  8. Seizan Shinpan
  9. Sogetsu
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