Ideas to give color to paint a house without walls

Sometimes for one reason or other do not want to touch the wall color, it may be because we like the color you have, or because painting is currently a mess. The fact is that if we want to give color to our home, we need not always depend on the paint. Thanks to the soft furnishings such as curtains, cushions, carpets, paintings, lamps and accessories hundred more, we can provide lots of color and decor without having to paint the walls.

Here are some examples.

In a nursery, it is imperative that you not miss variety of color, it is a factor to stimulate the imagination of children. If we paint the walls, we can use carpets or other textiles with great color.

The advantage we have in a nursery, is bright and cheerful colors and the combination of them must be essential, which is not in the rest of the house, where you need other colors suitable for that serene environment.

In the living room thanks to decorative vases, colored curtains, carpets, cushions and accessories rather hundreds of sets, we can get a cheerful and colorful decor without touching the walls, as in this room.

If you look the walls are white, but there is so much color in textiles and furniture that does not look at them, these supplements are those who call our attention completely to become the main focus of the room.

Similarly we can achieve only with curtains and a very attractive decorative effect without touching the walls. Thanks to the large number of models, colors and designs available for curtains, we have virtually no limit.

As you can see using the hundreds of decorative accessories at our disposal if we want we do not need to paint the walls to get color in our home.

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