Ideas to distribute your living room

As a large gathering area, bathed in light or 2 levels, are three of the thousands of ways to organize your living room. Distribution of this will be key to a rustic, minimalist, eclectic or emotional. Here are some ideas:

  • Keys to gain space and clarity: Enjoy a comfortable lounge and well distributed, not only a question of space. Indepedientemente your plant and characteristics, a series of guidelines to succeed in their distribution. The first is to place the furniture so traffic areas remain wide. The second is inclined to make the most of natural light and finally takes advantage of corners and dead spaces, with solutions.
  • Versatility: Sometimes a house arquitecturade define their decorating style. In a triangular plan living room with big windows, place a large modular sofa at an angle, which has the title role. For flooring, choose a dark parquet floors contrast with the white sofa and the gray wall.
  • Around the fireplace: The spacious lounges and a square take full advantage of its distribution in “U”, since they allow abundant acquire sofas and armchairs and a large coffee table, without burdening the environment. Directs all the seats to the fireplace, will enhance communication and increase the feeling of seclusion. for neutral tones in both the couch and on the table. The point of color, give it to the curtains, with a touch of mauve or lavender.
  • 2 rooms: When the room enjoys 2 zones in parallel, symmetric distributions bet is the best option to ensure a sense of order. Having the need to furnish two rooms, it is best to opt for the minimalist style is sleek, clean and pure. Betting on red and black, rich colors that give personality to your living room.
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