Ideas to decorate a hall

As we know the corridors are transit areas within a home, but that does not mean we can not make the most of.

Let’s see some examples of how we can leverage our hallway to decorate our house.

If we have a narrow corridor and a small apartment, we can make a glass wall in some department of the house to give to the hallway. For example, in the kitchen. Thus increase the visual space making the house look bigger with a touch of distinction.

Another way to use the corridors is putting cabinets. We know how difficult it is to find space for all the dishes, clothes and other accessories in a home. The lobby is an ideal area to put some cabinets that give you extra storage.

We can also take advantage of our hall to create a sense of unity with the garden and extend the light as in the corridors of the houses there are usually no natural light. If we have a garden or patio and the door of this is in one end of the hallway, we can put a glass door to take advantage of the large amount of natural light that offers a garden outside and create a sense of unity between the house and garden.

If you have a small corridor, you can also use it, an idea that seems so small is to paint like any of the rooms or the lounge, thus seem that the corridor is integrated in some way in living rooms or making it more large.

Or we can use some optical effect such as horizontal stripes make you appear longer than it is.

Here are some tips for you to give life to your hall and make the most, because although it is a passageway, is the passage area of ??your home.

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