Ideas on where to place the TV

Where to place the TV so we can enjoy it comfortably, but without damaging the decoration of the house? In a few decorating magazines or websites mention the damn thing, but not lacking in any house because so dedicate a post?

There is a preconception that the TV does not look good in the room, but perhaps not the most comfortable place in the house where the family gathers? Environments should be designed to serve and not the other, to be enjoyed by all and freedom, especially if there are small in the family, the ideal is to use resistant fabrics to avoid headaches and comfortable furniture. This room took the stove wall to hang a large plasma. It is an ideal match because both centers as focal points of interest, which will be geared towards the seats.

If you have an extra bedroom can create a small Home Office and Home Theatre at a time. This environment is maximized with a furniture tack, which created two workplaces. And on the opposite wall was placed a chair for two in a recessed hole in the closet. To be enjoyed by the couple or for small to see their favorite movies while parents are visited in the classroom.

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