Hydraulic tiles and rustic floors decor

In regard to soils and pavements, building on the tradition is used as decorative pieces developed craft materials such as cement. Many of these options have become to gain currency, such as happens with hydraulic tiles.

They stand out for their color and originality of the drawings, but they require daily care and special. Rugs geometric designs or patterns that simulate a great personality can only be obtained with this type of craft items. Although maintenance is more difficult when compared with conventional ceramic, hydraulic tiles can provide a rustic touch of undeniable aesthetic weight.

This type of tile is truly a classic, dating from the nineteenth century. However, current proposals take that tradition to redefine it according to contemporary criteria. Its concrete in cement manufacturing, from three compressed layers of mortar.

The last layer is used to incorporate the reasons mineral colors and patterns that characterize this type of tile. The shape of these crafts is manifested in a metal template. In addition to creating original designs and absolutely colorful custom, may also develop imitation and restoration of antique pieces.

Importantly, this kind of hydraulic tiles is traditional Mediterranean regions, with warm temperatures. The shape of the pieces is usually square or hexagonal, using molds to ensure uniformity in the format. The finishes are nice to the touch and high luster. The image belongs to appreciate dlkinney .

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