Hutches: an interesting alternative to save space

Called mezzaline, attics or half floor, these mezzanines allow us to gain airspace and a new environment without the need for complex or costly reforms at home. To do this, you must have ceilings at the proper height and commission an architect or builder resolution, requiring compliance with certain technical conditions.

One possibility is plasterboard. In this case, the mezzanine floor will be made with a gypsum board entrevigado and have a room below the ceiling. Of course, you can put a balcony to give more perspective and visual richness. As can be noted, the possibilities are endless and it all depends on taste and aesthetic sensibility of each, but what matters most is to give the environment’s own personality.

save space in decor

The staircase connecting the ground floor with the mezzanine is also an important point. To make the space under the stairs is necessary that steps be flown, as if they are the solid type overwhelm the environment. To test the structure that supports the attic you can use a wooden floor, an interesting proposal ornamental.

The structure is not a minor point. A mezzanine need a structure of great strength, which can develop with concrete beams, wood or metal. As for the material, all depend on the chosen decorative style concept. A proposal in wood can be excellent in an idea or style rustic zen, while concrete and metal can be ideal in minimalist settings.

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