How to Safely Tie-In a Commercial Generator to Home Wiring

Commercial Grade Standby Generator

Many homeowners have become familiar with tying-in a portable generator in times of electric outages. This is especially true for residents of areas throughout the country prone to seasonal outages caused by one type of storm or another. Backup generators have become quite popular in hurricane=-prone areas since the average utility customer in these areas suffers at least a 215-minute loss of power per year. The cost for portable generators has dropped in the past decade as technology has increased making these machines more effective and affordable.

Consider a Commercial Grade Standby Generator

Although use of a portable generator can help keep the food from spoiling in th3e fridge or possibly provide some power for limited electric use, employing a commercial generator to power the entire house just may be the choice some homeowners wish to consider. An automatic “standby” commercial grade generator is the best option to keep the house completely powered when the local electric grid becomes service interrupted.

Why Choose an Automatic Standby Generator?

Individuals having suffered through storm-produced power outages will tell and re-tell dramatic horror stories about surviving for days in hot, muggy, non-air-conditioned scenarios where nothing short of misery accompanies this temporary existence. Therefore, pro-active homeowners in these power-outage prone parts of the country choose to install free-standing, permanent, commercial generators in a permanent location outside the home. These generators possess great features such as:

  • Is a permanent, stationery “appliance”
  • Is safely hard-wired into the home‘s electrical system
  • Much safer than using a portable generator
  • Turns on automatically as soon as a power outage occurs
  • Runs on different types of fuel and many models can operate on more than one fuel source

A choice of a commercial standby generator safely tied into the home’s wiring system will provide homeowners with uninterrupted power whenever an outage occurs. Unlike a portable unit, there is no need to ever turn it on or fill it up with gas. Additionally, the number one reason for selecting a commercial generator safely tied-in to the house wiring is it will power the entire structure.  Never have to choose between powering the refrigerator or keeping humans cool.

It’s Not Like Camping

Although it has often been noted many children enjoy temporary life without power, for adults involved it is no camping trip. Power outages never come at good moments. They usually take place when something causes an interruption in electricity delivery. For the most part, storm-caused outages take place during summer when temperatures are soaring and living without electricity might even prove life-threatening. Simple aspects such as keeping life-saving medications refrigerated might prove critical factors. People requiring constant electricity to power medical equipment should consider purchasing a commercial generator safely tied-in to the home’s wiring.

So, Is a Commercial Generator Home Safe?

There was once a time when it might have been considered either way too excessive or indulgent to install a commercial generator at a home setting. Yet, when examined carefully this choice does make good sense. Technology today has produce quiet-running, safely-operated commercial-grade generators that can be easily wired into the home electrical system. Not only are these generators more effective to day, but they are now quite affordable.

Do consider never attempting to install one of these generators alone unless an accomplished, licensed electrician.

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