How to remodel your windows

How many times do we listen to our windows?. Besides providing light and allow us to see outside, integrating the house with the outside, if they are well decorated are a very attractive visual element in the home. Not to neglect this important part of the house, I recommend some tips:

  1. First, you must perform proper maintenance, ensuring that the windows are in good condition.
  2. According to how the environment is the style where the window will have to choose the colors to start the decoration.
  3. In different environments must choose appropriate fabrics, for example, in the windows of the kitchen you can opt for more classic or rustic curtains and lace or patterned theme.
  4. For the curtains on the windows of the bathrooms, you should use moisture-resistant fabrics or buy fabrics with PVC jacket. In relation to the rooms, it is necessary to differentiate whether a bedroom is for youth, child or adult.
  5. With children, we recommend using blinds or curtains, light cotton, for the convenience it offers on washing. In the rooms of young people, you can use cotton blinds with solid colors and bold.
  6. In the bedroom of adults, you can add a romantic touch, whether it is a marriage. The curtains of silk, satin or satin, in colors like pink, red or green can give you a very exotic air to the room.
  7. For all seasons change the appearance of your curtains, you can have at least two pairs of curtains. For example, in the summer, the panels can be lightweight fabrics and cool colors or prints and winter, heavy fabrics with bright colors. Beyond the choice of textures and colors, it is important that the curtains should allow in light without problems.
  8. Find different textures and colors in the market, be encouraged to create your own style and give great importance in the room windows.
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