How to remodel modern bathroom

Always decorate all parts of the house, from the dining room, the bedroom to the hall. But often we forget to give a renewal to our bathroom, which of course must also be a cozy and warm at the time to relax in the baths. Also, the bathroom is one of the most difficult house to decorate, but replacing or including other decoration items will be easier and less expensive. Here are some tips:

  1. Changing health: when choosing, you prefer the toilet easy to install, so it does not involve extra expense of labor in masonry. We recommend models with square lines that are trend in decorating bathrooms. In case of changing the toilet, you can opt for suspended models, ie that can be placed at the height you prefer and also other option is ground flush toilet hidden wall or attached, which is very easy to install .
  2. The mirror is one of the elements that you saw over the bath . There are different models on the market to buy. It is important to find a mirror with features and capabilities to provide us with daily chores in the bathroom, for example, has closet behind without losing storage space. To avoid the effects of steam, choose the mirrors fog, carrying a self-adhesive plastic sheets that are placed behind.
  3. Brighten the walls: Choose high strength synthetic enamels, ceramics or special borders, and vinyl to give a different look to your bathroom and modern.

Perhaps you can think of more ways to decorate and remodel your bathroom, just  go ahead and take them to practice!.

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